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  • 1990
    Yami no Ketsuzoku 闇の血族 [I-ADV] 2-10 hours (System Sacom) VNDB JP.png
    Miyu Izawa is a designer working for the prosperous Studio Yo in central Tokyo. She is nicknamed "famous detective" because of her unusually sharp perception: since her childhood, she has possessed an inexplicable "sixth sense" that warns her of danger by coloring her vision red. When her former classmate and successful model Marie is brutally murdered, Miyu decides to use her special senses and investigate the mysterious circumstances of her death.

  • 1995
    Dora Dora Emotion ~Seihaiden~ DORADORAエモーション ~聖牌伝~ [Cards] 2-10 hours (Cocktail Soft) VNDB JP.png
    A young treasure hunter named Asuta travels together with his faithful companion, the cute angel-like creature Mink. One day, Mink tells her "master" about the floating continent Norland. Rumors say that a golden tablet of immense value is hidden somewhere on that continent. Asuta and Mink travel to Norland and try to enter the Queen's palace. However, it seems that the people of Norland only have respect to those who are proficient in the ancient game of mahjong. Mink quickly teaches Asuta how to play the game, and they challenge the famous people (read: young, pretty women) of the country to the bloodless battle!

  • 2000
    Calendar Girl カレンダーガール [ADV] 10-30 hours (Foster) - VNDB JP.png

  • 2004
    Brass Restoration ブラス・レストレイション [ADV] 10-30 hours (Twincle Drop) 80 VNDB EN.png
    The main character, Takiguchi Ryo, is a genius percussionist in high school who had a bright future ahead of him. But he loses his left arm in an accident. The accident causes him to throw away his dream to become a percussionist like his father, and he loses all hope in life. Ryo tries to abandon music, but the girls around him encourage him to take up music once again. Will he be able to find hope in his life and a passion for music in spite of his handicap...?

  • 2005
    MEDICAL91 [ADV] 10-30 hours (Takuyo) - VNDB JP.png
    Set in the near future, you find yourself in a world of advanced robot and computer technology. The government has forbidden the practice of making robots have emotions. You play as Yuna, an android who was programmed with emotions by a young, genius scientist. The story begins as you're sent off to work as an intern nurse at a hospital as part of an experiment to see how well you can blend into society. There, you'll encounter a number of characters and events. As you work your way through the game, your true villain will come to light: the secret police who seek out all robots that display a trace of emotion.

  • 2006
    Maid-san to Ookina Ken メイドさんと大きな剣 [ADV] 10-30 hours (May-Be Soft) - VNDB JP.png
    Makito lives an ordinary life with ordinary parents. But one day, his father tells him that his family is a "Zaibatsu", a large family that controls banking and industrial combines. His father thinks that Kazuki has grown up enough to tell the secret and tells him to live at the main house by himself for a while to prepare for taking over the "Zaibatsu". He doesn't want to live alone but his father gets several maids for him. He comes to the main house and meets the maids there. He is surprised to see them because all of them wear a sword with them to protect him.

  • 2006
    Natsuiro Kouen ~Denpatou no Shita de Ai o Kataru~ 夏色公園 ~電波塔の下で愛を語る~ [ADV] 10-30 hours (Juliette) - VNDB JP.png
    The main character is out of work and he has been dumped out of his apartment because he had no money to pay for rent. When he was at a loss what to do with hunger in the park, a girl named "Empty" gave him some food.... His new life started like this.... A girl and her pet bird living in a tent pitched in a park, a high school student who ran away from her home and some other girls. He meets unique girls there and they ask him "What is love?"

  • 2006
    Onegai! Iinchou! お願い!委員長! [ADV] 10-30 hours (Authoring Heaven) - VNDB JP.png
    Stevenson is a genius and starts his career as a teacher. But he is young, innocent and has no sense of direction. On his first day of the school, he doesn't find even the teacher's room. While he walks around the school, a girl, Chigusa, helps him go to the teacher's room. Chigusa, Haruko and Kanae are good friends and Chigusa starts to like Stevenson. Triggered by Haruko's idea that "He has no confidence as a man.", he has lessons to be a man. Sometimes gently, sometimes severely.... Will he be able to be a real man through H lessons...?

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