Yaku ~Yuujou Dangi~

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Yaku ~Yuujou Dangi~ JP.png 厄 ~友情談疑~
"It's actually close to a "sound novel", but it was released for ps1 so the volume is bigger than usual."
- vndbreview.blogspot.ru
Developer Axes Art Amuse
Released 1996-01-13
Length 2-10 hours
Genre ADV
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~ Description ~
Five adults return to the elementary school they attended as children only to find that it has been closed up. They trespass into the closed-down building in order to dig up a time capsule they had buried at its courtyard. However, this turns out to be a mistake as bizarre monsters are waiting inside. There are five scenarios available, each one telling a different character's story, but only the protagonist's story is initially available.

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