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~ About ~

This database is not in any way affiliated to although it relies on it heavily as the largest source of information on visual novels. got really big with time but at the same time greatly flooded with nukige, otome, fandisk, supershort games, yaoi, demo versions and some native language VNs.

So vndbreview shall do its best to never list:
- eroge (by which I implement nukige as well as ero-centric synopsis VNs (like "you get to live in one house with several girls - what will happen next?", also any 3D nakedness)
- otome
- shounen ai/yaoi
- fandisk
- 0-2 hours length games (including here all the multiple stories VNs regardless of length)
- demo versions
- non-EN/JP - antiques (obscure games without any text information to present)
I'd like this place to be sort of metacritic, but for visual novels since metacritic ignores eastern pc visual novels almost completely. And as soon as VNDB gets review section and info gets transferred there - there won't be a reason to keep this place up anymore.

Sincerily yours,