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"Just loaded the novel up and I am already spellbound. The music and visuals are amazing. The visuals are great as well they obviously took time to draw these up, and I love that they move."
- www.thedrastikmeasure.com
"OH MY GOD! MINI GAMES YAY! The first minigame wasn’t hard, but was still a nice bonus to the visual novel. Simple little games easily solved. The charters pulled me in and wouldn’t let me go either."
- www.thedrastikmeasure.com
"The twists and turns the VN takes are amazing. Having never read the first one, I am going in blind and I am very glad it recaps what happened in the first game, so I can follow along with the story. It makes me want to play the first one, to be honest."
- www.thedrastikmeasure.com
Developer InvertMouse
Released 2017-01-13
Length 2-10 hours
Genre ADV
www.thedrastikmeasure.com 90
Average Score [[Score::
Unhack 290
"The AI in the novel is cute, but my personal taste says that hat is butt ugly. With the way the writer describes the AI, I wish I could hear her voice, but I practically can with how well the story is executed."
- www.thedrastikmeasure.com
"This is one of the best manga/VN I have ever read, the story is amazing. I have always loved how humans tend to anthropomorphize things like computers, and I can see that happening when we finally develop AI too."
- www.thedrastikmeasure.com
"The story is not overly techy like it could easily be because of the story. The AI we follow is amazingly crass in a way that helps build and receive preasure, so you are always on the edge of your seat without going nuts."
- www.thedrastikmeasure.com
~ Description ~
The Motherworm has been destroyed, but there is no such thing as eternal peace. With the appearance of a masked AI known as Program X, cyberspace has been thrown back into chaos.

The unhacker, with next gen AI Neonya by his side, will once again lead Smash Security into battle. He is troubled by just one thing—why do these new villains resemble friends who he thought were long dead?

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