School Festival ~Cosmos Sai Kitan~

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School Festival ~Cosmos Sai Kitan~ JP.png スクールフェスティバル ~秋桜祭奇譚~
"Well, pretty much every girl is in love with the hero, so that's what diminished public morals, hehe, there's a distinctive harem sensation in the air."
"Another feature is when we go on a trip, we gather the team ourselves and dialogues change drastically according to the team members."
Developer Ange
Released 1995-01-13
Length 10-30 hours
Genre ADV
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"The most interesting part about the game is game system - all the characters on the screen are displayed at the right part of the screen and when you press on the face, that character speaks. So it's some mix between ADV and I-ADV."
"So another work of Ange with strange systems and heartwarming feeling. Alas, it has little beyond fun dialogues."
~ Description ~
Hero is a high school teacher and also consultant of ethics committee. The day before the cultural festival, it was cancelled by the principal due to diminished public morals. It's our job to investigate the truth behind the cancellation.

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