Ma Doll

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Ma Doll JP.png 魔人形
"There are 17 good endings and a bunch of bad ones and clearing them all is very difficult."
"The game has no interaction except occasional decision-making; however, these decisions usually alter the course of the story significantly, putting Kazuya's relationships on different paths, and eventually leading to different endings to the story."
Developer Synchro-ni-City & Fairy Dust
Released 1996-09-13
Length 2-10 hours
Genre ADV
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"Madoll mostly describes the numerous encounters (and relationships) between the protagonist and various female characters."
~ Description ~
In "Ma Doll", the player controls a young man named Kazuya. Little is known about his background and past, and it seems like his entire life is dedicated to women. But his relatively peaceful existence comes to end when one day he notices a strange girl in the crowd... a girl who looks and moves as if she were an artificial creature. From that moment on the hero is involved in a bizarre story, during which he will have to understand himself and the world surrounding him...

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