Koi no Floating Mine

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Koi no Floating Mine JP.png 恋のフローティング・マイン
"You meet a whole bunch of girls (not very surprising) and gets involved with them. Not a very original story."
- densetsu.com
"A simply AVG meant to be clicked through. There are just choices on where to go after school and where to take the girl on a date. Very simplistic game play."
- densetsu.com
"A lot of extras but nothing really useful. There is the normal BGM and CG mode and then there are three other modes. the first one introduces other stuff the staff did, the second and third one talks about the game and where the girls are located after school and etc."
- densetsu.com
Developer Active Soft
Released 1998-06-18
Length 2-10 hours
Genre ADV
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"Although the graphics aren't bad, most of the CGs are H scenes and you only get about 13 cgs per character. This is a bad point since there is not much special events that entices the story."
- densetsu.com
"All there is that you the player does is respond to the weekends. There are much things to do on the week and there arent much special events either. Thus making the game a very very quick game."
- densetsu.com
"A very easy game to get through. Fairly quick game play, especially with the speed read command. Think of it as a shortened (REAL short) kakyusei."
- densetsu.com
~ Description ~
Life is always hard for a student who have to transfer to a new school, especially the fact that you need to start everything over. But there are always exceptions...

Especially if you meet a bunch of pretty girls!

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