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Hyouryuu JP.png 漂流
"It is a survival game as the party gets drawn into a civil war."
- vndbreview.blogspot.ru
"The tension and frequent death scenes are ok, but there is no real story besides survival."
- vndbreview.blogspot.ru
Developer Illusion
Released 1996-09-13
Length 2-10 hours
Genre ADV
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"The ultimate aim is for everyone to survive and that's very difficult to achieve. Usually there are two choices with one inevitably leading to death."
- vndbreview.blogspot.ru
"Game also have very few H-events. Quite a strange game from Illusion."
- vndbreview.blogspot.ru
~ Description ~
It's the end of 21st century. Five high-school youngsters are out camping near Tokyo. Suddenly, they are transported into a different place. It looks like a jungle. It's very hot. And it's certainly not Japan. As the heroes investigate the surroundings, they realize that they were taken to Lagoon Republic, a mysterious independent country on a tropical island that has been the home of a bizarre incident over seventy years ago. Now the young people have to find the truth behind their presence in Lagoon, and to solve the mystery of the island, while avoiding the dangers that await them.

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