Gao Gao! 2nd ~Pandora no Mori~

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Gao Gao! 2nd ~Pandora no Mori~ JP.png GAOGAO!2nd ~パンドラの森~
"System gets pretty much unchanged."
"At first part of the series hero is miserable and lost, but in the second half he does everything possible to help her and he constantly finds himself weak and wanting more strength. So the atmosphere remains heavy."
"It's quite an average game and has value only as part of the series since the next parts are much better."
Developer Four-Nine
Released 1994-04-16
Length 2-10 hours
Genre I-ADV
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"First part is incorporated in introduction, so no need to play the prequel."
"And the story ends with a cliffhanger again "And the story shall begin from here"."
~ Description ~
A biological experiment that began in 1993 led to a terrible disaster in the beginning of 21st century. A virus that turned living beings into mutants and monsters has been unleashed. Soon the Earth turned into a terrifying place of chaos, as more and more human beings became infected. Unspeakable violence obliterated human civilization. Within a few years, humanity was on the verge of total annihilation. The Era of Darkness began.

But not all hope was lost. Humans began building cities known as "Domes", isolated from the wilderness, protected by glass from all sides, cut from natural resources. It was possible to start building civilization anew.

On one fateful day, the famous scientist couple Mizuhara were killed in what looked like an accident. Their project, which showed new ways of fighting the virus, descended into the grave with them. Their two children were separated and for a long time were unaware of their origins. But the wheels of destiny keep spinning, as the young Mizuhara is about to discover the truth about his parents, and perhaps bring new hope to humanity...

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